Medical Supplies for Baby Vy

June 2017

An update on Baby Vy from Vietnam, by Katie Birch, Paediatric Nurse

I am so grateful for everything that Welland Medical has done for Vy and would be one of the first people to say how high the quality of the products are that you donated.
Considering the very basic and often unsanitary environment that Vy lives in on a daily basis, I would realistically expect her to have at least minor areas of irritated skin. Due to her being in an orphanage of around 180 disabled children, I am often only limited to about 20 minutes per day of ostomy care. If I do not work at the centre one day, then she does not get any care of her stoma.
However, despite this, her ostomy site is very healthy with minimal areas of irritated skin. If she does have any problem areas, after a basic skincare routine and a change of bag, the problem is usually resolved within 24-48 hours. I really feel that this is due to the high quality of the Welland Medical products donated to her care.
A few weeks ago, we were given a small sample of other ostomy bags. They were adult products from a patient that had no need for them anymore but I wanted to trial them on Vy, in case the Welland Medical donations ever ran out. After 24 hours of the new bag being in place, she had suffered severe irritation. I therefore changed her straight back to the Welland Medical bag and over the next couple of days, her skin healed amazingly! Below are some photos to show how amazing it was. These photos were taken on the 3 consecutive days after removing the non-Welland Medical bag.



Thank you so much for the other pouches that you have donated.

Thank you so much again for everything that you have done for Vy. I can’t tell you how grateful I am,
Warmest wishes,
Katie Birch



January 2017

Katie Birch, a paediatric nurse from the UK, who has been working for the past three years in a Vietnamese orphanage for children with disabilities, approached Welland Medical asking for product donations in January 2017. Katie explained that a two-month-old baby girl with a colostomy had just arrived at the orphanage and they had no medical supplies for her and her skin was very sore.
Katie is part of a small volunteer organisation, called Helping Hands. They are primarily based at the orphanage for children with disabilities in Northern Vietnam. There are approximately 170 children and 200 adults there with varying disabilities.
Katie’s job is to help care for the children with the more complex medical needs at the orphanage, whilst teaching and supporting the local Vietnamese staff skills to do the same. As Helping Hands is a small organisation, they do not have the funds to buy all the medical supplies for the orphanage, which is why they really appreciate donations such as the products Welland Medical have supplied.
Lydia Downey and Alison Brighton (Welland Medical) met up with Katie and were able to give her some suitable Welland Medical pouches together with some skin care products. Katie contacted Lydia just some weeks later and advised that the condition of Baby Vy’s skin had improved considerably even after two/three days.
Welland Medical have arranged for a further two boxes of paediatric pouches to be forwarded on to Katie at the orphanage.
If you would like to find out more about the charity, please follow the link  www.vietnamvolunteer.org/helping-hands