Norma Gill Day, 26th June

The Norma N. Gill Foundation brings a better quality of life to people with ostomy, wound and continence needs around the world and dedicates 26th June (Norma’s birthday) to honour her work.

The mission of the NNGF is to raise funds for nursing scholarships to further Enterostomal Therapy Nursing education throughout the world and to help establish Enterostomal Therapy Nursing care where services are non-existent.

Welland Medical continues to support the foundation through annual donations and is proud to have named the main conference room at the new facilities after Norma Gill, which is used to host nurse and customer meetings.

About Norma Gill

Norma N. Gill (1920-1998), the world’s first Enterostomal Therapist (ET), was an extraordinary person. Despite being afflicted with a life-threatening and incapacitating illness, she found the strength to look beyond her own situation to recognise the needs of others in similar circumstances.

Norma firmly believed that ostomy surgery should be a stepping stone to an improved quality of life rather than a sentence to a life of depression, isolation, rejection, and shame. She devoted her life to revolutionise ostomy care.

Norma N Gill was a leader with vision, creativity and innovation. As the founder and first President of the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists (WCET) she is internationally acknowledged as the first Enterostomal Therapist in the world.

The Norma N Gill Foundation was created in her honour under the auspices of the WCET to recognize Norma’s life work in the field of Enterostomal Therapy (ET) and her dedication to helping others.

Web source: http://www.wcetn.org/norma-n-gill-foundation