Bulgarian Nurse Ideation Session. Greece. June 2017

On Thursday 15th June, Hendrik Van Der Velde (Business Development Manager) responsible for managing the Greek and Bulgarian markets for Welland Medical, flew to Thessaloniki in northern Greece together with Mark Newton (Development Manager) and Jack Hopper (Design Engineer) to host a product ideation session with a group of 15 Bulgarian nurses.

The ultimate objective of these user centred co-creation sessions was to gather ideas and suggestions to aid in the development of future product designs that enhance the quality of lives of ostomates around the world.

The question posed to the nurses was; “what developments can Welland Medical make to our products to improve stoma care?”

Our Greek Sales Director, Mr Aris Papadopoulos, who has recently started distributing Welland Medical products in Bulgaria, organised for the group to travel from Sofia to be involved in the ideation session.

The nurses were split into two groups and assigned the task of generating as many new design ideas as they could and writing them down. They were encouraged to experiment with materials and make sketches to help generate new ideas.

The feedback from Aris was that the nurses felt very engaged and valued throughout the process and that this type of activity with different groups of stoma nurses would help build closer relationships and assist in growing the Bulgarian patient base.

Each nurse will receive a personalised certificate for attending the ideation session in recognition of how much we value their input in helping to design next generation stoma bags.