Welland Medical Launches Latest Flushable Innovation Flair Active® Xtra

In 2009, Welland Medical is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovative flushable pouch, Flair Active® Xtra.

Following the success of Impact® and Flair Xtra® flushable pouches, Flair Active® Xtra has been designed to be quick to use, discreet and hygienic, and features new and improved benefits to improve ostomates’ quality of life. These benefits include:

  • Pouch removal couldn’t be easier with the improved peel seal technology. The outer cover peels off with minimal force using the same action you would use when opening a yoghurt pot, and then the inner liner and flange can be flushed down the toilet. This means pouch removal is quick and simple – even for those with poor dexterity
  • Skin condition is improved by reduced leakage, achieved through the New Contemporary Flange Print Design enhancing the visibility of the cutting guidelines ensuring a leak free fit around the stoma
  • Reduced ballooning and odour through Welland’s enhanced Dual-Carb® Filter which utilises the latest in laser technology, allowing gas to disperse at a natural rate to help control ballooning and odour problems
  • Super softness against the skin from the new Soft Comfort Layer which surrounds the body of the pouch, offering greater comfort and softness even during extended wear time