Welland Medical Launches Flair® 2

In 2008, Welland Medical is proud to announce the launch of its new two piece ostomy range, Flair® 2.

Flair® 2 is available in both closed and drainable pouches and is an enhanced version of Welland’s previous successful two piece system, Liberty II.

Flair® 2 features a new dual security connection system. It is connected by a flexible outer rim and an extra adhesive ring, providing the ostomate with a system that is not only easy to use, but offers exceptional security and flexibility.

Flair® 2 provides ostomates with other enhanced benefits updated from the Liberty II range, including:

  • Improved skin condition by reduced leakage, achieved through the New Contemporary Flange Print Design enhancing the visibility of the cutting guidelines ensuring a leak free fit around the stoma
  • Reduced ballooning and odour through Welland’s enhanced Dual-Carb® Filter which utilises the latest in laser technology, allowing gas to disperse at a natural rate to help control ballooning and odour problems
  • Skin friendly Hyperflex® hydrocolloid flange which can be used on sore and excoriated skin and promotes healing, without compromising on security