Liberty® Urostomy Bag

Liberty® Urostomy bags offer advanced stoma care technology and innovation that combines reliability with high performance, comfort and reassurance.

Features & Benefits


Easy pouch positioning / Monitoring / Cleaning


Increased Comfort / Kind to skin


Tailored To You / Personalised

Product Description

Skin friendly

  • Welland Medical’s Hyperflex® hydrocolloid flange is kind and gentle and encourages a moist healing environment for those with sore and excoriated skin

Tailored to you

  • Available with a starter hole and pre-cut sizes
  • Clear contemporary cutting guide to ensure an accurate fit around the stoma

Exceptional comfort

  • The soft back material dries quickly and is gentle against the skin

Easy to use

  • The soft urostomy outlet tap is exceptionally secure, yet soft and pliable against the skin and is very easy to use

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