Aurum® Plus has arrived

Welland is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new ostomy pouch range Aurum® Plus. The pouch range is available in closed, drainable and urostomy in various sizes.

Aurum® Plus began as an idea, a way to give ostomates greater choice, comfort and confidence.

Since then, it has gone through extensive research and development, positive product evaluations and now thanks to our network of distributors Aurum® Plus can make a big impact to ostomates across the globe.*

Aurum® Plus has gone from extensive research and development …

Our R&D team designed Aurum® Plus around what ostomates value most. With the new shaped flange and body-hugging Comfort Curves the products are conformable, helping to achieve greater confidence and more leak-free days. The new cover is also durable, soft and water repellent.

The design itself is sleek and stylish. Aurum® Plus comes in two colours, black and sand, to give ostomates a greater choice, allowing them pick the colour that suits their mood that day.

The urostomy pouch has a refined pouch shape to reduce the risk of the outlet twisting and blocking the flow of urine. There is also an improved tap pocket design to keep the tap discreetly tucked away and secure.

The drainable pouch has a release tab to aid grip when opening and a hook-to-hook fastening that lets the ostomate feel when the outlet is securely closed.

Finally, it was important that Aurum® Plus was kind to skin. Our skin friendly hydrocolloid contains Manuka honey which has proven wound-healing and antibacterial properties that may help the skin around the stoma.

To positive product evaluations with ostomates …

9 out of 10 of users found the Aurum® Plus flange the same or more conformable than their current pouch. Other feedback was also positive.

Mrs T, who tried Aurum® Plus closed pouches in sand said “I slept better with Aurum® Plus, as it felt more secure, and I didn’t feel the need to keep checking it as often.”

Mrs B, who has a parastomal hernia and tried Aurum® Plus closed pouches in sand said that she “really liked this pouch, particularly the way the flange fitted on my tum – fewer wrinkles.”

Finally, Mr L, who has a parastomal hernia and tried Aurum® Plus urostomy pouches in black said “The shape of the flange certainly stopped the leakage I suffer due to my hernia.”

Welland is proud to be launching Aurum® Plus as a product to help ostomates. Make a positive choice today and request a sample to try Aurum® Plus for yourself.**


*Aurum® Plus may not be available to order in your country.

**Aurum® Plus is branded Aura® Plus in the UK.


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