Catch Up with Our Cover Star – Kav Ellison

In advance of Team Colostomy UK’s 2021 kick-off match this Saturday, we caught up with one of their team players (and our cover star!), Kav.

Hi Kav, it has been a crazy 18 months for everyone, how have you been keeping?

“It certainly has! I’ve been keeping well (touch wood) & keeping busy too. I’ve been fortunate that I’m classed as a key worker for my job so have worked all the way through the pandemic to keep me sane!”

In terms of the last year / ongoing pandemic, how have you managed to keep active?

“Keeping active wise I was lucky enough to have some basic gym equipment at home in my garage & also did some running to keep me moving.”

Are you looking forward to your upcoming Team Colostomy UK rugby league games after a year and a bit off?

“I can’t wait for the whole Team Colostomy UK event. It’s going to be a brilliant day of Rugby League down in Kent. It’ll be equally as good to play rugby as it is to see & meet up with everyone again.”

Are you excited about being able to play as part of the Colostomy UK team this year?

“Yeah, absolutely. Every time we get together for Team Colostomy UK it’s something special.”

What is your key message to ostomates who would like to get involved in sports or have a go at playing rugby?

“Just go for it! Take the opportunity whilst it’s there!”

Any other news you would like to share?

“We’re always looking for players and supporters for Team Colostomy UK. The more the merrier! Especially with support from our fellow Ostomates in the community!”

Team Colostomy UK are playing their first matches of the season on August 14th at the Weavering Warriors RFC. If you would like to show your support and cheer the team on, game details can be found here.


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