Championing Manuka honey in Switzerland

Our distributor in Switzerland, Gribi AG Belp, is a family business that began in 1938 and since then they have grown to over 40 employees. They are committed to their mission to offer patients innovative solutions that simplify everyday life.

We spoke to Stefan Saner, who is responsible for the Ostomy division of the company, about their experience of 2020, Manuka honey in the Swiss market and what they are looking forward to for the future.

Reflecting on the past and looking to the future

“2020 was a very different year for many of us. The contact between patients and clients was strongly restricted.” “However, we were able to find new ways to support our patients. We maintained strong customer relationships with video and telephone since March 2020. This has proven to be a good and simple alternative that ensures patients and clients are being served continuously.”

“It is a very difficult time for ostomy patients. I congratulate all stoma therapists and thank them for their important and valuable work during this difficult time. The professional and continuous care of stoma patients is enormously important, especially in this time.”

“We are looking forward to the future, particularly the spring/summer when we will be promoting UltraFrame® throughout Switzerland.”

Manuka honey in Switzerland

“Our customers appreciate the clearly visible effect of Manuka honey on difficult skin situations around the stoma. The wide range of Aurum® products, especially Convex and Profile, allows for perfect care for all skin types and skin problems. This improves the quality of life of the patients in a short time.”

“We used the Aurum® skin health animations from Welland Medical in online meetings, so that we can explain the advantages of the Aurum® line simply and clearly to the patients and nurses.”

“In addition to this we conducted a Switzerland-wide case study with over 20 ostomy centres in 2018/2019.”

After 30 days of continuous use of Aurum® products in patients with skin problems:

• 79% of cases showed an improvement in the skin situation.

• 84% of patients rated stoma care with Aurum® products as safe or very safe.

“We have summarised these fantastic results in a flyer. These results show the effect of Manuka honey impressively and are particularly useful in daily exchanges with the customers.”

“We highly appreciate the professional support and the innovative and patient-oriented products of Welland Medical. We look forward to further cooperation and many joint successes in the future.”

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