COVID-19: Meeting demand during lockdown

Last updated: 22nd June 2021

If you are concerned about access to Welland Medical stoma care products, rest assured that we are fully operational and manufacturing our full range of products.

Our lives may all be very different right now due to Covid-19, but despite the challenges we are still manufacturing our stoma care products in the UK and shipping them to all our markets. Exactly how we do it has had to change slightly, and through these rapid changes we have focused on maintaining product quality while keeping our team safe.

The company is Covid-19 Secure, having complied with the requirements of the UK Government for managing the risk of Covid-19 in the workplace.

View Welland Medical’s Covid-19 Secure compliance certificate

A dedicated UK manufacturing team


Our fantastic production team are designated as key workers. They have been flexible in covering for colleagues who are ill and in changing the way they do things. In the factory, we have put in measures to protect people, including installing physical screens where the production line makes it impossible to keep a 2m distance.

A well-planned
solid supply chain


Just like every manufacturer, we are concerned about getting the materials we need to manufacture our products. We are working closely with our supply partners to make sure we can get these materials and have a robust supply chain, and we are all maintaining certain levels of stock in case there are problems with availability in the future. As a company, we are confident we have done everything we can to ensure we have enough materials to meet our customers' needs.

A resilient global distribution network


Around the world, the companies that distribute our products each face their own unique set of challenges. We have enough stock to supply all our distributors across all markets. They are working hard to get our products to those that need them, and we would like to thank them for the lengths they are going to.

We will keep you updated if anything changes, and should you have any further concerns or questions related to Covid-19 and supplies, please contact us. We may not be at our usual desks, but our head office team are here to help.