Eric Douglin visits Welland

Our colleagues are at the heart of who we are. Their passion and drive enable us to grow by fully understanding what it’s like to live with a stoma and the impact that excellent quality can make to a finished product and hence the wellbeing of the person using that product.

Part of the work we do is helping our colleagues to understand the life-changing impact stomas have on the people using our products. Last week (8th and 10th November) we were privileged to have Eric Douglin visit our headquarters to share his story with us.

Eric Douglin had his stoma formed in January 2021 after a kidney transplant a decade earlier. Eric has been sharing his experience to help raise awareness of those living with invisible illnesses. We were pleased to welcome Eric back to Welland headquarters to speak about his journey to having a stoma and life living with affectionately named ‘Stanely the Stoma’.

With sessions set throughout the week, Eric shared his story with all 270 Welland colleagues, with a heartfelt insight into his life living with ‘Stanely’. During his time, he allowed questions to be asked by our colleagues, from traveling with a stoma to tips Eric would suggest for others going through a similar experience.

We look forward to continuing working with Eric to help stop the stoma stigma!

We Are Welland.

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