Help for a local care home

As we headed into lockdown last month, Cell Leader at our manufacturing facility, Jane Henry-Edwards was upset to hear about the newest residents at Deerswood Lodge, a care home a short drive from our headquarters in Sussex. She decided something needed to be done, and that her colleagues at Welland would be up for helping her do it.

“My niece told me that the care home were getting 50 new residents pretty much overnight from East Sussex hospitals that needed to open up more beds for Covid-19 patients. Many of the new residents were arriving with little or nothing. And with lockdown in place, family members couldn’t get things to them. Some didn’t have any family, or came into hospital not expecting to be there long.

“I thought to myself, as a company we can do something about this. There was a lot going on at headquarters, with all the changes happening because of the coronavirus, so when I approached one of the managers I started with: ‘It’s most probably the wrong time to ask, BUT…’

“They thought it was a great idea, and we spoke about it at our daily briefings, asking people to help put together basic welcome packs, each with things like soap, shampoo, a razor, shaving foam, sponge, comb, toothpaste and toothbrush. I thought people would just bring what they had spare in their cupboards, maybe some bits left over from Christmas, unwanted gifts, but people ordered things and bought stuff especially.

“Every day I walked into the office, and there was just so much that had been donated. I’ve made three trips to the care home now, with the car packed full. Colleagues have also donated chocolates and other goodies for the care workers, who are doing such an amazing job. When we asked what else residents needed we were told ‘socks’. And in no time we had over 100 pairs of them.

“It’s gone beyond what I ever could have imagined. And it’s good to do something helpful, to take your mind off things at the moment.”

The team was also able to donate some face masks to the home’s staff.

According to Quality Improvement Manager at Deerswood, Wendy Pike, the donations have been well received: “I am in charge of new admissions to the care home and they are coming here with literally nothing and have no family – the situation is heartbreaking. This will really make such a difference to our residents in this trying time. We are truly grateful and overwhelmed by your generosity from Welland and all of your staff. Thank you again.”

We are so proud to have people like Jane and all those who donated on our team.


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