Henry Smith MP visits Welland Medical!

We recently welcomed Crawley MP Henry Smith to Welland Medical HQ to showcase how we operate as a British manufacturer and share an insight into how the current economy may have impacted us.

Sean Farbrother, Group Chief Executive of CliniMed (Holdings) Limited and Samantha Jackson, Welland Medical Managing Director, welcomed Henry to Welland and gave an insight into how we operate as a business. During his time at Welland, our Operations and Engineering Director, Sarah Duckworth, also took the time to showcase how we manufacture our products with a tour of our manufacturing facilities.

Samantha Jackson, Managing Director at Welland Medical, said:

“Our products have a life-changing impact … we continue to face increased regulatory, operational and employment pressures greater than we have ever known.

“We are immensely grateful to Henry for taking the time to meet with us and for his genuine interest and concern for the challenges that we face and for his ongoing support.”

Henry Smith also meet some of our colleagues, whose passion and dedication to providing the best products for those living with a stoma shines through in their roles.

During the tour, Mr Smith was able to see first-hand how our team of expert engineers and technicians use advanced technology and processes to create high-quality stoma bags and accessories that are comfortable, discreet and secure.

.     .     

It was an honour to host Henry Smith and have the opportunity to introduce him to our industry and discuss how our innovative spirit enables us to continually enhance people’s lives.

Commenting, Henry Smith MP said:

“I am grateful to Welland Medical and to the BHTA for highlighting the vital role that medical manufacturers provide in our health system. We should never forget or take for granted the importance of healthcare manufacturers, and it is very troubling that businesses like Welland are facing considerable operational and regulatory pressure.

“As such, I will be bringing these issues to the Health Secretary’s attention and urge him to do all he can to support these vital industries in Crawley and throughout the UK.”

We look forward to continuing our dialogue with him in order to ensure that people living with a stoma receive the highest quality products that suit their needs.

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