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Home Visits to Stoma Patients with Welland
Medical and SecuriCare

Hello, readers! I’m Farzan, Digital Marketing Executive at Welland Medical, and I’m thrilled to share with you a unique and eye-opening experience I recently had. As part of our commitment to understanding and supporting those living with a stoma, I had the privilege of accompanying and observing a dedicated and knowledgeable SecuriCare Stoma Care Nurse on three home visits in Surrey, UK. These visits not only allowed me to gain valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of those living with a stoma but also proved invaluable in my marketing role.

Understanding the Lives of Those Living with a Stoma

In the world of ostomy care, it’s not just about medical devices and products, it’s about the people behind them. The home visits gave me a deeply personal perspective of the day-to-day life of those living with a stoma. Meeting individuals who have undergone stoma surgery, witnessing their daily routines, and hearing their stories was humbling and enlightening. These visits offered a glimpse into the challenges they face and the resilience with which they tackle them.

Two visits left a lasting impression on me. One was to an individual who has lived with a stoma since the age of 11 and is now in his 50s. Spending time with him, he shared his journey of adaptation, discussing the emotional and physical challenges he had overcome. Another visit introduced me to a woman who recently underwent stoma surgery and was adjusting to her new reality. Her determination and positivity truly stood out to me.

Impact on My Role as a Marketer

As a digital marketer, my role is to communicate effectively to a broad audience. The home visits provided me with a deep understanding of the end-users of our products – those living with a stoma themselves. This first-hand experience has enabled me to create more empathetic and tailored marketing campaigns. It’s not just about the features of our ostomy products, it’s about how they improve the quality of life for those who rely on them.

During the visits, I saw first-hand how the Stoma Care Nurse embodied a personalised approach, with a focus on patience and unwavering support for those living with a stoma. It truly highlighted the importance of our products in their lives. These interactions reinforced the significance of our work and motivated me to create content that resonates with the experiences of those living with a stoma.


My time on the home visits with a Stoma Care Nurse was an eye-opening adventure that has forever changed my perspective. Witnessing the challenges and triumphs of those living with a stoma first-hand has not only deepened my empathy but also sharpened my ability to create more impactful messaging. At Welland Medical, it’s not just about products; it’s about people – their stories, their struggles, and their strength.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope that through my experiences, you, too can appreciate the incredible individuals who inspire our work every day.



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