Our 25 year partnership with Welland Nederlands

Pictured above: The Welland Nederland BV Team


Congratulations to Welland Nederland BV, our distributor in the Netherlands, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary year.

Manager Director, Michiel van Kerkhof, says…

“25 years of Welland Nederlands also means 25 years of great partnership with Welland Medical in the UK. I am proud to be a member of the worldwide Welland Medical family, also of the large number of nurses we work closely together with and the thousands of people wearing our products with great confidence on a daily basis. With many of the nurses, the relationship is based on friendship. It is not a matter of just selling good products, ostomy is about people”.

Welland Nederlands was our first international distributor and 25 years on, they are amongst the leading companies in the ostomy market in the Netherlands. We have a great relationship that continues to grow as the success of the Welland Medical brand grows.

Samantha Jackson, Sales & Marketing Director and Account Manager for The Netherlands, says…

“A massive thank you to Welland Nederland for their continued support, ongoing commitment and hard work. It has been a real pleasure to work so closely with such a great team over in Holland and I look forward to continuing this great relationship for many more years to come”.


Pictured above: Welland Nederlands BV and Welland Medical celebrating 25 years of partnership