• Peristomal skin health

    Learn more about how the skin around a stoma can be traumatised by every-day stoma care, how our hydrocolloid is formulated to be skin friendly, and why we add Manuka honey to it.

  • Skin health and our hydrocolloid

    Why can it be a hard to keep skin around a stoma healthy? This video explores the role of our skin, the challenges a stoma poses for skin health, and how our skin-friendly hydrocolloid is formulated.

  • Why we use Manuka honey

    Why do we use Manuka honey in our Aurum® range of ostomy products? Find out what gives honey in general, and Manuka honey in particular, its skin-health-supporting properties.

  • Welland products with Manuka honey

    Explore the full range of Aurum® stoma care pouches and our stoma care essentials that are made using our skin-friendly hydrocolloid with added Manuka honey.

  • Danny Kuiper, a man for climbing great heights

    Danny is 44 years old and lives in Rhoon, in the Netherlands. He struggled for years with Ulcerative…

  • Pouch solution for ostomates with a parastomal hernia

    Quality of life for ostomy patients can often be adversely affected by the development of a parastomal hernia (PH) and this frequently presents a difficult challenge for stoma care nurses.

  • Pyoderma gangrenosum and the effects of Manuka honey

    A clinical account by Katy Martin-Skurr, Nursing Consultant from New Zealand.

  • The Flushable Generation

    A study by Moira Evans, RGN, Product Development Clinical Lead, CliniMed Ltd, to identify whether the flushable bag continues to offer practical and lifestyle support and enhance quality of life.

  • Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society

    Advancing the practice and guiding the delivery of expert health care to patients.

  • International Ostomy Association

    We are an association of ostomy associations improving the lives of ostomates worldwide.

  • Do you live in the UK?

    Head to our Sister Company, CliniMed, who can help deliver our products direct to your door…

  • Our products, your local distributor

    Find your local distributor to find out more information and receive our products…

  • A practical guide to having a urostomy

    The content of this information booklet was originally developed in the UK by specialist stoma care and continence nurses.

  • Ileostomy – a stoma created using the ileum

    A practical guide to having an Ileostomy, written by stoma care specialists.

  • The inspiring story of ‘Marathon Man’, Jack Holst.

    Jack suffered from Ulcerative Colitis since the age of 19 and after 2 years of living with the condition…

  • WCET

    A world of expert professional nursing care for people with ostomy, wound or continence needs.

  • UltraFrame – A Step by Step Guide

    UltraFrame flange extender with effective instant adhesion, provides a highly secure seal that prevents leaks, giving active ostomates and ostomates with hernias or anatomical irregularities added reassurance.

  • UltraFrame Flange Extender

    A revolutionary alternative to current hydrocolloid-based flange extenders. UltraFrame flange extender is extremely durable, secure and discreet due to its ultra-thin and highly conformable transparent film.

  • UltraFrame in Action!

    How active can you be without worrying about your stoma? Check out these rugby players putting our super secure flange extender, UltraFrame, to the test. The players certainly don’t hold back!

  • Aurum® Xtra Flushable Colostomy Bag

    The Aurum® Xtra inner liner and flange can be flushed in domestic and single flush siphonic systems giving the feeling of a normal toilet experience. Liberating the wearer of any anxiety they may have had before.

  • Split Back Cover

    Easier pouch positioning and output monitoring via the split back cover.

  • Dual-Carb 2 Filter

    The new Dual-Carb filter has an improved carbon formulation which increases odour adsorption for better deodorisation and improved permeability, helping to reduce ballooning.

  • Soft Belt

    Giving confidence to ostomates who require additional security to hold their pouch in place.
    The stretch fabric belt with adjustable fastening is easy and comfortable to put on and the flexible material makes it perfect for use during physical activity.

  • Cutting Guide

    The new cutting guide allows for a perfect fit to different stoma shapes and sizes, reducing the risk of potential leakage and skin irritation.

  • easy2peel tab

    easy2peel™ tab supports the smooth removal of the flange from the body reducing trauma to the skin

  • Vicki’s story: Using flushable bags and travelling the world

    ‘Freedom, for me, is being able to travel, to see more of the world’ To watch Vicki’s story…

  • Ingrid’s story: A model, blogger and public speaker from Norway

    We were delighted to welcome Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen to our headquarters for an inspirational talk on living…

  • Colostomy Guide – written by specialist stoma care nurses

    This booklet is intended to ‘fill in’ on some of the information you may have been unable to take in at the time of your surgery and to give you practical advice about the day-to-day care of a stoma.

  • Your guide to monitoring skin health around your stoma

    To provide advice and support for self-management, helping you check your skin condition around your stoma