Samantha Jackson on her first year as MD

This time last year Welland welcomed its new Managing Director, Samantha Jackson.

In this case the word new is slightly misleading as Samantha was certainly not new to Welland. Having joined in 2007 as a Product Manager, Samantha has been present as Welland has grown and expanded.

14 years later as Managing Director, she has helped Welland navigate a global pandemic, Brexit and thrive as a company. We spoke to Samantha about her first year in the role.

How have you found the last year as Managing Director at Welland?

“I have really enjoyed it. Everyday has been different and there has been plenty of learning.”

“I was previously the Sales and Marketing Director and since taking on this role I have gained a deeper understanding of all the different departments at Welland.”

What challenges did you have to overcome in the past year?

“I can’t say it has been a typical year with everything that has happened. The whole working environment changed, not just for us but for our customers too.”

“Like most companies in the UK, COVID and Brexit were the key challenges that we faced last year. As a medical device manufacturer, we also had to prepare for the Medical Device Directive (MDD) changing to the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR).”

“Another challenge that we faced was communication internally. Like many businesses the sudden loss of face-to-face communication was a hurdle to overcome. At times it was a challenge however we were able to overcome it by being able to adapt.”

What are you most proud of achieving over the last year?

“I am incredibly proud that we were able to continue manufacturing throughout the entire pandemic and Brexit. The products we make are incredibly important to people, they are a fundamental part of their everyday lives. As we were able to continue manufacturing there was no break in the supply of products to our customers. I am very proud of Welland and all the staff for this fact.”

“Speaking of the staff, I am also proud that over the last year we were able to bring new talent into the business.”

“I was also able to work closely with the management team to develop a strategy for Welland’s future, something that I am very excited about.”

Finally, what has been key to your success as Managing Director?

“Well, I think it’s important to remember it’s not just my success but that of everyone who works within the organisation. All my colleagues have worked hard over this last year, sometimes in challenging circumstances, and we can all be proud of our contribution to making Welland the company that it is.”


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