An interview with our Sales and Marketing Director, Samantha Jackson.

By Joanne Dallman

Celebrating 10 years in Sales and Marketing at Welland Medical, we wanted to find out more about Samantha and her career.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Proactive, ambitious, caring.

What do you enjoy about your job?

The constant challenge of the role, it is ever evolving, having a great team of people to work with.

What has made you stay at Welland Medical for 10 years?

Being given the trust and opportunity to be involved in growing and shaping the company for the future.

What do you like most about working for Welland Medical?

Being part of an organisation that manufactures products that have a positive impact on the users’ quality of life following life changing or lifesaving surgery.

What’s one of the most interesting projects or opportunities that you’ve worked on?

There are so many but there are 3 that stand out, the launches of the Flair Active and Aurum range of products and the re-branding of Welland Medical in 2010.

What path have you taken to get to where you are now?

Roll back 23 years, I was a single mum without a job and in the process of being made homeless. After finding somewhere to live, I went back into education, completing GCSE sociology and law and then went on to develop my IT skills. Each time I achieved something it gave me the confidence to move up another level and in 2002 I graduated with a BA (Hons) Business Administration. During that time, I also worked part time in a bar, had various temporary admin jobs to fit in around childcare and also worked as a volunteer advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau helping people in a similar situation to myself, all giving me transferable soft skills. In 2002 I joined Eschmann as a customer service officer, this was my first full time role (in 8 years) and with an interest in marketing I was offered a secondment into their marketing department as a marketing assistant with no guarantee of returning to my customer service role should the secondment not work out. It was a risk worth taking.
I left Eschmann in 2007 having worked my way up to Product Manager for their operating tables range. I joined Welland Medical the same year as Product Manager for stoma products. During my time at Welland Medical I have been involved in many key new product development and sales and marketing projects and have able to develop my people management skills through completing a CMI Diploma in Management and Leadership and becoming a CMI Chartered Manager. I was promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager in 2010 and with the support of Welland Medical I completed my Masters in Business Administration in General Management in 2013. I was invited and very proud to join the Board of Directors in 2015 and have since gone on to complete my IOD Certificate in Company Direction.
The short answer to your questions is, hard work, determination, education and being given the right opportunity.

What inspires you?

People who step out of their personal comfort zone to achieve something they thought they could never do….no matter how small.

What do you work towards in your free time?

Well I am still a mum and now a very young Grandma! I will be working towards training my puppy when she arrives in November, she will be my running partner when she is old enough. I would also like to utilise my skills and life experience and work for a charity again on a voluntary basis.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your CV alone?

I am trained in Mental Health first aid. I strongly believe that mental health issues whether in or outside the workplace should be treated equally to physical health.

What does the future hold for you at Welland Medical?

There is still so much to do at Welland Medical, we are a growing company with innovative products and a professional workforce and I would like to remain part of that team in the future to develop strategies to meet the challenges of an ever changing ostomy market.

When you were a young child what was your dream job?


What were you like at school?

Shy, not at all confident, I didn’t think I was very capable academically.

We finish the interview and you step outside the office and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning £10 million. What would you do?

Honesty is always the best policy – I would have handed the ticket in to its rightful owner.