• Shaping The Future – Welland Attend Crawley Jobs Fair

    Here at Welland, we recruit people who want to use their talent and determination to make a difference.

  • Welland Board Update

    Sarah Duckworth has joined the Welland Medical board as Operations and Engineering Director.

  • Meet our Business & Development Manager

    What do you need to work in export sales? Our Business & Development Manager, Hendrik Van Der Velde shares what he has learnt throughout his career.

  • Meet our Head of Engineering

    What does it take to become Head of Engineering? Sarah Duckworth explains how she reached this place in her career.

  • Meet our Finance Director

    There’s much more to finance than making it all add up. We spoke to our Finance Director, Mathew Wynn to learn more about what his role entails and how he got there.

  • A data analyst on the team

    What could football analysis have to do with medical devices? We spoke to our data analyst, James Trout, to learn about the unconventional route that led him to his role.

  • A career in clinical marketing

    What makes clinical marketing different to general marketing? We spoke to our Clinical Marketing Manager to find out

  • Designing medical devices

    Of all the things in the world you could design, why choose medical devices? We spoke to one of our junior product design engineers, Nadeem Hussain to find out.

  • Marketing in the medical device industry

    What makes marketing medical devices different from so many marketing roles out there? Caroline Cowin, our Head of Sales and Marketing, shares what’s kept her in this industry sector for almost 20 years.

  • Purchasing in the medical device industry

    To understand the challenges and rewards of procurement in the medical device industry, we spoke to our Purchasing Manager, Martyn Skinner.