Jack Holst

The inspiring story of ‘Marathon Man’, Jack Holst

Jack suffered from Ulcerative Colitis since the age of 19 and after 2 years of living with the condition he contracted a bacterial infection while on holiday. Jack spent 5 weeks in hospital after undergoing 2 operations which left him with an ileostomy. Jack was very weak afterwards but quickly became better.

So quickly in fact that within 10 months of having his stoma formed, Jack completed a half IRONMAN… This was not enough for Jack, he wanted to complete the full IRONMAN and started training for the KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen.

When Jack was interviewed after his completion of the Frankfurt Marathon and already signed up to IRONMAN Copenhagen he said “With only 50% completing this IRONMAN I know it is going to be tough, but of course I will manage it.” It must be this positive attitude that carries Jack through the intensity of these races. Not only did Jack manage to complete the IRONMAN Copenhagen, he did it in an amazing 12hours 29minutes 50seconds.

Whilst enduring the gruelling 140 miles from start to finish Jack needed ostomy care products to remain secure, conformable and comfortable under extreme conditions, choosing UltraFrame® as his flange extender. Jack said “UltraFrame® lasted very well in the water and on the land. It was a little worn out after 12 hours use, but it worked perfectly.”

So, what’s next for Jack? perhaps a nice long rest? Whatever he decides, we look forward to following his journey to his next adventure. Well done Jack from all at Welland Medical, keep on inspiring…

Jack Holst Ironman FinishJack Holst Certificate Ironman

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