Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen ostomate presentation

Welland Medical Welcomes Inspirational Visitor

We were delighted to welcome Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen to our headquarters for an inspirational…

I would like to extend a very warm thank you to Ingrid for making the journey to visit us. Ostomates are at the heart of everything that we do and having the opportunity to listen to Ingrid’s story provided everyone here with a valuable insight into how important our continued hard work and dedication to bringing to market life changing solutions for ostomates around the world really is
Chris Primett, Managing Director at Welland Medical

Photo: Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen

We were delighted to welcome Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen to our headquarters for an inspirational talk on living with a stoma earlier this year.

Diagnosed at the age of 16 with Crohn’s disease, a chronic condition that causes inflammation of the digestive system or gut, Ingrid had an ileostomy formed in 2004 and has endured over 30 surgeries and endless months in hospital over the years. Dedicated to breaking down the barriers and taboos associated with having a stoma, Ingrid travelled from her hometown in Norway to meet with the team at Welland Medical to share her story.

Renowned in Norway for her work as a model, blogger and public speaker, Ingrid spoke with staff from across the company to share how the stoma care products that they all play a part in the design, development and manufacture of have helped play a pivotal role in enhancing her life as an ostomate.

During her visit, Ingrid also enjoyed a tour of our manufacturing facilities where she was able to witness the complexity and detail that goes into making our ostomy products. There was even the opportunity for Ingrid to sample some of the Manuka honey that features in the skin friendly Hyperflex® hydrocolloid that we use for our Aurum range of ostomy products that she wears.

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