Welland Stepped Up for Stomas!

Throughout September, the team at Welland took part in Colostomy UK’s ‘Step Up for Stoma’s’ challenge to help raise awareness of stomas and those living with one.

In the UK there are 160,000 people currently living with a stoma and Colostomy UK, a charity that supports and empowers those living with stomas, challenged individuals to take a step for every one of them.

Here at Welland the team were more than up for the challenge, putting their best foot forward and started counting their steps.

The Step Up for Stomas team consisted of seven people from the business all from different departments, including Marketing, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales and Finance.

Encouraging and motivating each other, the team went on lunch time walks and even had some competitive step counting, helping each individual reach their target.

As the nights started to draw in and September was coming to an end, the team started making additional allowances to gain extra steps, including walking to the gym rather than driving, or adding a 10-minute walk in during their lunch break.

When the challenge came to an end, those extra steps and small changes added up. Together the Step Up for Stomas team managed to walk, jog and skip their way to an astounding 1,838,630 steps! Along with raising £380 currently for Colostomy UK to help them support those that need it.

Every member of the team excelled in beating their step target, with a special congratulations to Alison Russell, Purchasing Administrator, who stepped her way to an incredible 452,963 steps (that’s about 15,000 steps every day), crowning her our ‘Step Up Champion’ of 2021.

As we wrap up our latest challenge, we look forward to stepping up again next year. Be the first to know and come along for the journey by following us on our social media channels:





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