Stoma Care Routine

Welland Medical offer a comprehensive range of quality accessories specifically designed to ease the problems ostomates face during their stoma care routine, such as leakage, sore skin and difficulty with pouch removal.

Welland Medical has carefully developed a stoma care routine to give ostomates peace of mind, every step of the way.

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Helping to protect peristomal skin

Prepare skin against the painful effects of leakage and the discomfort caused by constant pouch changing with a range of accessories designed for ostomates who require extra protection.


For complete security & peace of mind

Provide extra support and security where needed with a range of accessories designed to leave ostomates feeling secure and confident when wearing their pouch.


Taking care of skin and making pouch removal worry-free

Experience quick, painless and worry-free pouch removal with a range of accessories designed to offer the extra assistance and care that is often required.