Hyperseal® Washers

Every stoma is unique. Some can be a little more challenging than others. To combat leakage, there is a wide choice of HyperSeal® Washers available that conform to varying patient stoma shapes and sizes.

Product Description


  • Ideal for stomas with crevices, fistulas or scar tissue that could make the surrounding stoma site uneven
  • Moulds to body contours, providing extra comfort and security against leakage, even during extended wear time

Kind to skin

  • The hydrocolloid is kind to even the most vulnerable of skin
  • Available with medical grade Manuka honey, which may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma

Tailored to you

  • Compatible with most types of Ostomy pouch
  • Cut and reshape if required for use with surgical drains, catheters and tubes
  • Choice of sizes to suit varying patient needs
  • No need to struggle with ‘one size fits all

Sizes available (outside diameter)

  • 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm & 100mm (2.5mm thick)
  • 50mm (4mm thick)


  • Individually packed. Easy to carry spares without washers getting damaged or dirty
  • Easy to unwrap and apply without reshaping

Useful Dispenser

  • Visual guide acts as a prompt to reorder washers before they run low
  • Quick and easy dispensing

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