Bienvenue Welland France!

Welland France is our newest distributor, making our stoma care products and accessories directly available to ostomates living in France.

The directors of the company behind Welland France – Jacques Ngouane, David Lecat and Christina Sewonou – have more than 20 years of experience in the stoma therapy market in France. They were keen to work with us based on our reputation for innovation and our use of natural products. We started negotiations last year and are delighted that Welland France have just launched their new website.

According to Jacques Ngouane, General Director of Welland France: “We chose Welland as a supplier because it’s a large, established company with capacity for innovation and the ability to react to market changes and demands.”

“Our feedback from ostomates has been that they appreciate the comfort and the use of natural raw materials of their products, and we believe Manuka honey offers the best solution for skin problems.”

We are delighted to be working with Jacques and his team, who have a well-established and efficient infrastructure to deliver stoma therapy products to ostomates across France. Their focus on patient well-being, innovation and being responsive to people’s needs fit well with our own aims as a company, and we look forward to a long relationship.

If you live in France, you can order our Aurum® stoma care products with Manuka honey from www.welland-sante.fr

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