Introducing our new Costa Rican Distributor

Panamedical de Costa Rica is the latest addition to our growing number of distributors. They are a family run business with more than 20 years experience distributing and selling disposable medical devices. They offer ongoing training on the correct ways to use the products they represent, and they support medical centres across the country.

In this blog, we spoke to Clinical Advisor Karen Vergara Marín.

Could you tell us more about your job and what you enjoy about it?

“I am a nurse by profession, but I currently work as a Clinical Advisor in the sales department. At the moment, due to Covid-19, I am the only advisor which has been quite challenging in some respects to provide the same support service particularly in this new normal where we are more isolated.”

“As a nurse, I have always loved the direct contact with patients. I am grateful that somehow, despite the additional responsibilities I now currently undertake, I am still able to retain that aspect of my job.”

“In addition to this, I also enjoy seeing how the various brands we represent, improve the health and quality of life of those who use them. This undoubtedly, is the part of my job that gives me the greatest sense of achievement and satisfaction.”

In terms of the ongoing pandemic, what was the company’s experience like?

“Covid-19 has been a huge challenge to our standard working practices due to the isolation measures imposed by the central government on all Costa Rican businesses and society in general.”

“However, we adapted rapidly to the new working environment and managed to establish a very effective online service, which has had a very favourable response from all the clients we supply our products to.”

What are your key messages to ostomates and healthcare professionals in your market right now?

“As for all stoma patients, I think they are the ones who can convey a comforting message to all of us. Their spirit of perseverance and love of life, are definite traits all of us should try to follow. It is living evidence of why we should never give up when a situation suddenly affects our lives.”

“And to all healthcare professionals like myself, I believe that we should never forget the true purpose of our vocation. We chose this beautiful profession and every day we should strive to learn more so we can provide the very best support to those who need us the most.”

What are you looking forward to in the next 6 months?

“The news that has excited me more than any other in the last 6 months, is that Panamedical is finally ready to introduce Welland to Costa Rica. I have personally looked forward to it.”

“The idea of introducing new stoma pouches with the fantastic features and benefits that Welland can provide, such as Manuka honey in the composition of their hydrocolloid flanges, makes me confident that the introduction of Welland products will be very beneficial for our health sector.”


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