Flair Active® Curvex Closed Colostomy Bag

Flair Active® Curvex closed colostomy bag with its innovative design, moulds to the body’s contours, providing a gentle, flexible and secure solution to parastomal hernias, peristomal irregularities and slightly recessed stomas.

Product Description

Flair Active® Curvex is designed specifically for

  • Uneven skin dips, moats or scar tissue surrounding the stoma or a stoma positioned in a crease or skin fold
  • Parastomal hernias
  • Peristomal recesses due to weight gain or loss, or reduction in abdominal swelling post operatively
  • Recessed stomas requiring only light pressure to protrude or which do not need the pressure exerted by conventional convexity products
  • Ostomates who have poor dexterity and find it difficult to use washers or pastes

Kind and Flexible innovation from Welland Medical

  • The soft and mouldable plateau can be inverted for use with parastomal hernias.
  • Unique flange reduces the risk of discomfort, pressure and skin trauma
  • The moisture permeable Hyperflex hydrocolloid flange allows skin to breathe, making it beneficial for those with sore and excoriated skin

Extra Security

  • Integrated belt loops
  • Belt is adjustable, easy to use and suitable even for those with dexterity issues

Exceptional comfort and discretion

  • The super soft, water repellent cover reduces build-up of perspiration, providing exceptional comfort even during extended wear
  • Clear contemporary cutting guide to ensure an accurate fit around the stoma

Less ballooning & improved deodorisation

  • Improved Dual-Carb2 filter

Easy positioning and monitoring

  • Easier positioning and output monitoring via the split back cover

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