Flair Active® Xtra Flushable Colostomy Bag

Flair Active® Xtra is more than a new colostomy bag; it offers a brand new lifestyle. Being away from home can bring a number of challenges. Where do you dispose of your bag? At a friend’s house? In a restaurant? Out shopping? Flair Active® Xtra allows for a discreet, quick and hygienic disposal.

Product Description

Simply flush and go!

  • Flair Active® Xtra colostomy bag is flushable in the following toilet systems:
  • Domestic toilets
  • Single flush Siphonic systems

Reduced ballooning, odour and pancaking

  • Odour associated with a stoma is managed through Welland Medical’s Dual-Carb® 2 filter technology
  • Laser technology ensures a clear, clean cut of the filter every time, allowing the gas to disperse at a natural rate

Skin friendly

  • Welland Medical’s Hyperflex® hydrocolloid flange is kind and gentle and encourages a moist healing environment for those with sore and excoriated skin
  • Extra adhesion at the 4 and 8 o’clock positions reduces the chance of leakage

Tailored to you

  • Available in midi or maxi, with starter hole and pre-cut sizes
  • Clear contemporary cutting guide to ensure an accurate fit around the stoma

Exceptional comfort

  • Enhanced comfort, even during extended wear time with the soft comfort layer outer cover
  • The natural quick drying characteristics of the cover help prevent build up of perspiration