Aurum® Profile Urostomy Bag

Soft and mouldable, conforms to any body profile. Aurum® Profile Urostomy has a soft and mouldable flange that provides a secure seal around complex body contours where a flat flange is not suitable. This reduces the need for paste or washers; giving the ostomate confidence to have a secure, leak-free fit.

Product Description

A Flexible Solution

The soft and mouldable flange reduces the risk of discomfort and skin trauma.
Recommended for:

  • Parastomal hernias
  • Uneven skin dips, moats or scar tissue surrounding the stoma or a stoma positioned in a crease or skin fold
  • Ostomates who have poor dexterity and find it difficult to use washers or pastes

Skin friendly

  • The hydrocolloid with added Manuka honey is skin friendly and may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma
  • Super soft water repellent cover – exceptional comfort even during extended wear
  • easy2peel™ tab – supports the smooth removal of the flange, reducing skin trauma

Increased security

  • Integrated belt loops for those who require additional security

Comfortable and user friendly

  • Reduced chance of infection as the non-return valve prevents the reflux of urine
  • Increased comfort with the soft and flexible tap
  • Reduced pouch profile due to the improved tap pocket

Simplified emptying, cleaning and monitoring

  • Flow is simply controlled by applying light pressure to the outlet
  • Split back cover – easier pouch positioning and output monitoring

Tailored to you

  • Cutting guide – allows a perfect fit for different stoma shapes and sizes, reducing skin irritation and potential leakage
  • Midi and maxi bags available with an option of 3 plateau sizes to suit individual needs

For undisturbed sleep

Why Manuka Honey?

Medical-grade Manuka honey is pure and natural. It is made only from the nectar of the Manuka flower in New Zealand. Research has shown that active Manuka honey has characteristics that kill bacteria, suppress inflammation and stimulate the growth of cells. As an ingredient in our skin-friendly hydrocolloid, this may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma.

What ostomates say

Even though I have a hernia, the flange moulded well to my skin

Mr L H from The Netherlands

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