Aurum® Plus Soft Convex
urostomy pouches

Aurum® Plus soft convex urostomy pouches available in black, sand and clear with medical grade Manuka honey added to the skin friendly hydrocolloid. It now features a new pouch profile.

Designed to stick quickly and gently to your skin and remain soft and conformable throughout wear.

Product features…

Listen to Elizabeth’s Story

After struggling with frequent leaks, Elizabeth changed to Aurum® Plus Soft Convex and saw a huge improvement, experiencing leak-free days and feeling more confident with her stoma.

Listen to Peter and Lorraine’s Story

Both Peter and Lorraine were having problems with leaks and sore skin. Using Aurum® Plus has helped them to overcome some of these problems and regain the confidence to navigate everyday activities.

Introducing Aurum® Plus Soft Convex

Available in a choice of colours and pouch sizes in closed, drainable and urostomy.

What people think...
The pouch did feel more secure and comfortable.
Nurse: Redness of skin was much improved after 7 days. Patients could see the difference on day 7 since using the Aurum® Plus Soft Convex pouch.
83% thought the new pouch profile was the same or better [than current pouch]
Nurse: Patient also found when wearing hernia support belt there were no problems with the pouch. Patient commented pouch is much softer and more comfortable when walking.
Nurse: Didn't feel like [they were]wearing a pouch.
Skin friendly
82% thought their skin condition was the same or better [than current pouch]
Aurum Plus resources…

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