Flair® Drainable Ileostomy Bag

Flair® ileostomy bags offer security, discretion and flexibility giving ostomates the confidence that is needed to lead a full and active life.

Product Description

Reduced ballooning, odour and pancaking

  • Odour associated with a stoma is managed through Welland Medical’s Dual-Carb® 2 filter technology
  • The modern bag shape actively encourages the contents to migrate to the bottom

Simplified emptying and cleaning

  • The integral outlet can be easily opened and closed, even by those with dexterity problems
  • Achieved via the ergonomic and seamless design of the outlet
  • A comfortable, secure and discreet fit is enabled through a strong hook and loop fastening system

Skin friendly

  • Welland Medical’s hydrocolloid flange is kind and gentle and encourages a moist healing environment for those with sore and excoriated skin
  • Extra hydrocolloid at the 4 and 8 o’clock positions for enhanced security

Tailored to you

  • Available in beige or clear, midi, maxi or maxi plus sizes
  • Flanges available with starter hole and pre-cut sizes
  • Clear contemporary cutting guide to ensure an accurate fit around the stoma

Exceptional comfort

  • Extra comfort with the double-sided soft back outer cover which is gentle against the skin